Life with Fiber and Fiber Arts

About September 23, 2009

My name is Hannah.  I am the manager of the online yarn store AbundantYarn.com, an avid knitter, a newbie spinner, an aspiring designer, and a dedicated teacher (of knitting, incidentally). I intend to use this blog to catalog my endeavors to learn even more about fiber arts and to share my forays into the world of design (hopefully).


4 Responses to “About”

  1. JuliaRobertsAnderson Says:

    I found a link to your website on HEAV website; going to share it with my daughter who knits socks. Thanks!

  2. Fiona Knight Says:

    thx for the hard work

  3. Sheree Says:

    Thank you for helping me find my way to the next “big” project!! The Tunisian afghan has to be it!

  4. Jean Says:

    Bless You Hannah for discussing emphatically loop orientation.
    It’s a wonder that it isn’t the First item in every how to discussion.
    As a ‘back looper’ minority my mind is at ease.

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