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Knitting Weather February 8, 2010

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It is this kind of day outside:

Something about fog makes me think that I can accomplish anything fiber related. The stillness, the quiet, the fuzziness around the edges make me feel removed from the timeline. In my new limitless span of fog time, here is what I intend to accomplish:
-Finish all the swatching for the pattern I’m working on.
-Spin up a pound of fiber.
-Write a blog post about stitch orientation and how it affects decreases and increases.
-Finish my stinkin’ mitten pattern.

That sounds reasonable, right? Forget that my Real Life jobs for today include: clean the house, take care of grandma, meet with a yarn rep, prepare the new Clearance section of our website and cook dinner. As long as the fog doesn’t burn off before noon I should be golden, right? I will report back at the end of the day with my results.
Note to readers: The person who wrote this blog is an easily distractable dreamer with a notoriously bad sense of time requirements.