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Gratuitous Yarn Pics December 13, 2009

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I have just spent the last few days taking pictures of Lorna’s Sock Yarn. Now, I have to admit that I was not as efficient as I could have been. I may have gotten distracted here and there. I may have taken more pictures than were  completely necessary. I may have played around with different color combinations and pretended that I was going to make argyle socks or colorwork mittens out of them. This is the reason that yarn junkies never should always should be in charge of yarn photoshoots.  I hope you enjoy the outtakes.  (Incidentally, you can link to this yarn in the store here.  I didn’t want to make all the pictures links, because that would be annoying.)

Goldhill. Raise your hand if this is your favorite Lorna's color.

Blackberry. I had an extra hard time with the really red purples.

I’m going to start with the singles and then move on to my favorite color combos.

Baltic Sea. Lines, Contrast, Depth. This is me getting used to the camera settings.

Bittersweet. Hard to really get the vibrance without making it too saturated.

Didn't work for the website, but Gosh that is pretty.

Something about the lines and colors in this reminds me of the Jetsons.

I love this picture. Just love it.

I love this color so much it gets two pictures.

And now for some group shots. A nod to Lorna's beautiful array of solids.

Pow! Pow! I'm not suggesting that these colors should be knit together in something, just for the record.

Shh...the baby's sleeping.

I think this is a very handsome combination for a man's Argyle. Let me qualify that. I don't normally tend toward gender bias when it comes to colors, but I have spent years answering the question "What are good Guy colors?"

...and fielding odd glances when I suggest this. Incidentally, I would knit these for my husband...and he would wear them.

I don't even know if I want to knit this one. I just want to look at it. OK, I do want to knit it.


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