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Abundance, Indeed! September 23, 2009

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…in which we meet a new blogger, find out where she has been hiding all this time, and what on earth she intends to accomplish with this new endeavor.

So this is the blogosphere.  It feels very empty and demanding. Oh wait-that might just be the weight of the empty screen in front of me and the as yet unwritten but long promised blog post that is waiting for me to make it a real thing.  I’ll do my best.

First, I will address the foremost questions I imagine any blog reader should want answered: Who am I and why do you care what I have to say?

My name is Hannah.  I am the manager of the online yarn store AbundantYarn.com, an avid knitter, a newbie spinner, an aspiring designer, and a dedicated teacher (of knitting, incidentally). I love my cat and the fall (I’ll be talking a lot about that, what with it being Fall and all).

Fall Leaves

I didn't have any pictures of my cat handy, but here are some Fall leaves. Colorway, anyone?

For the past several years, I have had the joy of working at the physical Abundant Yarn store in Portland, OR. I am used to spending my days deep in conversation about knitting techniques, favorite patterns, yarn/pattern pairings, fiber attributes, new arrivals to the store, etc.  Since the physical store closed in August, I have frankly been going through something like Knit-Talk Withdrawal. I intend for this blog to be an outlet for all the knitty things I have to say.  Hopefully, some of those things will be of interest to other knitters (of course it will; we’re all junkies for knitting info, right?). There we go.

Now, those of you who heard me promise back in August that I would be putting out a blog might wonder where on earth I have  been for the past two months.  I’ve been packing. It turns out that we have rather a lot of yarn in the store. All that yarn had to be inventoried, packaged, labeled and made ready to ship to our new space.

Counted, tagged, boxed

That’s pretty much done now.  Of course, there is still loading and unloading.

We are actually packing the truck tomorrow, and for those who are interested, I will post a couple of pics to show our process/progress.

At the same time, there is my home to pack.  It turns out that I also have rather a lot of yarn in my home. Thankfully, that yarn did not have to be counted, or clearly labeled. It did, however, have to be spread out in my living room and admired and petted for a bit.

Sock Yarn

Alas...it is locked away in a box now.